Website Development

Everyone needs a website in this day and age, particularly those who are trying to sell something, change opinions, educate or entertain – you know, everyone. Conveniently, Estipona Group offers web development services. We are happy to report that we are not exclusively a web development agency because we believe websites, like all marketing tools, should be part of a comprehensive brand strategy.

Our websites are designed with your customers in mind. (Don’t worry, we think about you, too.) Sure, this approach seems obvious, but we’ve had to put a few misguided client suggestions on ice for the benefit of our valued, well-intentioned clients. (They thanked us after the fact.)

The user interface (in advertising speak, the “UI”) is the key to a successful, effective, user-friendly website, one that gets your consumers what they need and keeps them coming back. Regularly. We focus on the UI based on what the site needs to accomplish from a practical perspective (forms, purchase mechanisms, links etc.), and then we make it look all cool and shiny. Like all of our work, websites designed by Estipona Group are strategy-driven.

While our position may not be the industry norm, we don’t think you should be held hostage by a programmer or an ad agency when you have a website built. That’s why we make sure EG-built sites are client-friendly, as well as user-friendly. (We’re chummy like that.) As for the programming languages we use, our favs are Drupal and Word Press, both of which allow for easy client management and the ability to get ‘er done.

Some of our clients take charge after we create a website for them. Others have us handle all their updates, blog posts and changes. And sometimes, we enjoy a joint Kumbaya approach to site updating. After all, we play well with others. We are groovy working in whichever way floats your boat and serves your website development needs.