Strategic Planning & Research

Is an email campaign the best way to hawk your wares? Or would a targeted Facebook buy be a smarter approach? Will consumers respond better to TV commercials with humor or a not-so-gentle tug at the ol’ heartstrings? While it may seem like we pull ideas out of our you-know-where, strategic planning drives the bus at Estipona Group. It helps us determine the best ways to put your marketing budget to good use to achieve the desired results. (That whole, ‘work smarter, not harder’ thing.)

Because a plan is a living, breathing thing, it should evolve over time as feedback and results roll in. After developing and implementing the brand development strategy, we make it our business to meet regularly with you to evaluate how marketing efforts are working and how, if at all, we can improve on them.

When time and budget permit, research can play a herculean role in determining the brand marketing strategy. It takes many forms, including a formal focus group, an online survey, secret shopper stalking of a competitor, and price analysis, all of which help to determine effective timing, tactics and even creative tone. Though it is an upfront expense, the effort pays dividends in the long run.