Search Engine Marketing/Optimization

There was a time when no one really knew what the heck Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, affectionately called SEM and SEO, were all about. Fast forward now and we know this – if you want to be found on the web, you better be employing an SEO strategy. If you have ever Googled your business by a search term and had to scroll down and down and down to find it, you have felt the painful sting of a weak or non-existent SEO strategy.

SEO is not just planting keywords on your web pages and H1 headers. It’s not just updating your blog and adding the occasional new article. It’s not just getting other sites to link back to yours and getting listed in online directories. It’s all that and more. SEO is a non-stop, ever-evolving game of pin-the-tail-on-the-Google-algorithm. It requires a systematic, formulaic approach that rewards innovation and creativity. We admit it can be a little hard to follow at times. That’s why you hire an expert. (Hint, hint).