Reno Philharmonic

The Challenge

  • Grow orchestra audience by recruiting CANA (Culturally Aware Non-Attender) – those with the means and inclination to attend, but not the impetus.
  • Lots of competing entertainment options.
  • Orchestra often perceived as high brow, intimidating, expensive.


  • Promote performances in a fun, familiar, approachable way.
  • Offer 50% discount for early season subscriptions to overcome price barrier issue.
  • Promote discounted ticket rush line for CANAs afraid of commitment.
  • Enlist core audience members to act as brand ambassadors and promote attendance with peers.


  • Single ticket sales–the focus of the marketing–up 28%, single ticket revenue up 34%.
  • New season subscriptions up 3%.
  • Ongoing accolades for the marketing effort from members of the public, orchestra players and symphonies from around the country.
  • Campaign won six Gold ADDY Awards, the Judge’s Choice for Art Direction, and three Silver ADDY Awards in local advertising competition and three Silver ADDYs in regional competition.