Estipona Group Advertising and Marketing Agency in Reno, NV

Part Storytellers, Part Business Strategists.

At the Estipona Group, we are experts at communicating what makes you — well, you. And we deliver messages about your awesome you-ness (we’re in advertising, we’re allowed to make up words) through means like strategic advertising, design, branding, social media and public relations.

Clearly, we don’t have a monopoly on these specialties – not even amongst Reno advertising agencies. (Hello Captain Obvious.)

But we do have a talented cadre of seasoned professionals, unique perspectives and a distinctive way of doing business designed to help our clients grow theirs.


Our mission: Work smart. Play nice. Do good and whatnot.

Why Hire The Estipona Group?

4 reasons in no particular order of importance.


Reason # 1 – Wall-lessness (not to be confused with lawlessness)

We are a virtual office (watch our video on the differences between virtual and traditional offices). And this is something you should care about because, ultimately, it affects your wallet.

In 2009, when we shunned the office espresso machine, trough of Red Vines, shiny granite conference table and cliché trophy case, we instantly started saving our clients money. We redirected those resources toward what really matters – exceptional people and better tools.

We believe that technology is infinitely better at keeping people connected and productive than shared geography. And good technology enables our disciplined, dynamic, super smart and spirited team to stay connected and focused on the work instead of the workplace.

So our workspaces end up being anywhere and everywhere. We call it working “in the wild,” because you’ll find us in a markedly wide variety of habitats — coffee shops (we  free Wi-Fi), client offices, I-80 (in the passenger seat!), a taxidermist (don’t ask) and soccer fields, among them – passionately working to achieve your goals.

And yep, there’s a hashtag for that: #EstiponaInTheWild.


Reason # 2 – Results

Results matter to us. Sure, cool ads that win awards make us feel warm and fuzzy, but we judge our own work on the results it achieved for you. Did the phones ring, the site visits improve, ticket sales increase? If so, we did our job.

Bonus points if we get a shiny trophy.

Doing our job well is the reason we’re celebrating our 24th year in business. We have evolved over time, as evidenced by our handy dandy timeline. 


Reason # 3 – Whatnot

We do a whole slew of work that doesn’t fall into any particular classification, resulting in our identification of a whole new category to add to our list of services – “whatnot.”

It’s our indefinable yet invaluable drive to do whatever it takes to help your business succeed. Whatnot has included, but is not limited to, directing videos for reality show applications, wardrobe shopping, extracting a hard drive and freezing it (yes, it worked) and being the designated driver.


Reason #4 – More for you

We walked away from the standard media commission model in 2006. If you’ve been around ad agencies, you will recognize this is atypical (they said we’d never make it). Instead, we choose to bill for the actual time we spend working to help you achieve your goals.

Our clients appreciate our fresh approach. In fact, they’re singing our praises from the metaphorical rooftops, a.k.a. our fans page.

(And if you’re a fan, please don’t try the whole rooftop singing thing without supervision. We’re speaking from experience.)

Estipona Group Timeline