Media Planning & Placement

When you need to get your message in front of a specific target audience at a specific time, sometimes only paid media does the trick. And media planning is the way to put an effective media paid strategy in place.

Newspapers, magazines, billboards, television and radio may be the media that come to mind first when you think of paid media, but wait, there’s more! Don’t forget bus sides, movie theater advertising, digital banners at your favorite sports stadium, vinyl banners at the local high school and program ads for just about every event, cause or organization you can think of.(Plus a host of other strategic, creative options we don’t have time to go into here.)

So how do you get your message out there? Where do you put it to maximize visibility? That’s where media planning comes in. (In our case, riding in on majestic white media planning horses). We do the research, look at the options, work the numbers and determine the best media strategy to achieve your goals within your budget.

The cavalry awaits.